Phase Update

Recorded plats and covenants available!

End of year greetings to everyone!  We were able to get both plats for Graber Commons and The Springs – Section 1 recorded this past week.

The Graber Commons is our first phase of commercial and comprise 3 individual lots at the intersection of CR11A and CR427, city utilities and no on-site stormwater needs.  The northern most lot is also dual tenant capable.

The Springs is our first phase of residential and comprises 20 lakefront and 13 non-lakefront lots.  There are 12 lakefront lots still available for reservation, min 75ft width at the building line – 185ft deep.  Keep a lookout for the model homes starting soon!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for more information or schedule your tour.  We hope that you all have a Happy New Years!

Island view in winter

Links for  download:

Heron Lake Planned Unit Development (PUD):

PUD Covenants

The Springs – Section 1:

Secondary Plat

Graber Commons:

Secondary Plat




Draft Lake Use Rules & Other Community Documents Available

Another Christmas season is practically behind us already!  This fall and early winter has seen a great number of changes to the Heron Lake site and we are now at a point to share draft versions of our Lake Use Rules, Architectural Control, and Score Card Companion documents.  If you have taken a tour then you have already seen versions of these documents over the past couple of months.  We have spent a great amount of time refining them to reflect the vision that we have for the Heron Lake site, both for now and for the future.

Please take your time below to review and get a feel for our overall planning.  We look forward to comments and feedback.  Everyone at Heron Development hopes that you have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As you review these documents, we would highly recommend that you also look at the Heron Lake Planned Unit Development (PUD) Ordinance that was ratified earlier this year by the City of Auburn.  That Ordinance provides the basis for planning and authority of the Heron Lake PUD.  You can download the Ordinance here.  The accompanying Primary Plat can be downloaded here.

Heron Lake PUD Covenants

You can download the pdf form of the DRAFT Covenants and Restrictions for the PUD at the link: Heron PUD Covenants – DRAFT

The Heron Lake PUD will have one set of overall Covenants and Restrictions, this provides the basis and authority for all of the documents listed below.  Incorporating both residential and commercial elements, these Covenants are essential for overall community planning.

Lake Use Rules

You can download the pdf form of the DRAFT Lake Use Rules at the link: Lake Use Rules – DRAFT

The Lake Use Rules are intended to: assure personal and group safety, provide consideration for the usage rights of all Residents, and to provide the means for all reasonable and appropriate maintenance of Developer property and equipment.

That is quite a mouthful above, but essentially the Lake Use Rules are written in a manner that all Residents will be able to enjoy the Lake and other amenities in a fashion that fits their lifestyle and community goals.

Architectural Control Committee – Guidelines & Improvement Review Process

You can download the pdf form of the DRAFT ACC Guidelines at the link: ACC Guidelines – DRAFT

The ACC Guideline are intended to provide a basis for dialogue between the ACC Committee and Owners/Builder and provide transparency in the review process.  An ongoing exchange of concepts and potential solutions is viewed as the desirable method for addressing the requirements of each stage of the Improvement Review Process.

In short, we encourage Owners and Builders to start their dialogue with the ACC at an early stage.  The goal is a greatly simplified approval process and discussion of items that really have an impact on the community and the Owner’s long term maintenance of their house.

Score Card Companion

You can download the pdf form of the DRAFT Score Card Companion at the link: Score Card Companion – DRAFT

The Score Card Companion is the guidebook for our points based review process.  The ultimate goal is establish a dialogue about key points in house construction that have substantial impact on short and long term costs, maintenance issues, and community impacts.  With this guidebook it is possible to review your own plans and come up with a rough score.  Once a house application exceeds the points requirements, then it is an approved application.  The goal is a simple method to offer incentives, based on the points score, to reduce your annual assessments and fees for a ten year window and potentially lower the minimum square footage required for your house.

Development Definitions

You can download the pdf form of the DRAFT Definitions at the link: Definitions – DRAFT

All of the inherent definitions for key terms are contained in this document.  It is a companion document for all of the files listed above.

The Springs asphalt is in!

The base layer of asphalt was placed today in the Springs!  With homes starting soon, this entry off of CR 427 will change rapidly.  The full roundabout entry will be placed after the majority of construction traffic for the Estates is completed this spring.  Keep an eye out for the first house foundations!

North portion of CR427 entry.

Springs asphalt placement

The Springs curbs are in!

Today the curb was placed for the Springs – Section 1.  It is getting much easier to visualize the dedicated golf cart lane on the roadway.  We are also excited about the houses that will start construction in December with outfitting over the winter months!

Springs curb construction

The asphalt should be in place next week and those house foundations will start to be placed shortly after that.  Don’t forget to schedule your tour!

Spring entry, curb and concrete trucks

Springs roadway nears completion!

These past couple of weeks have been a flurry of site activity.  Watching the progress of waterline and sanitary sewer being placed has been exciting but seeing the new CR427 entry and roadway foundation construction has been invigorating.  Seeing the planning come into shape has reminded us that while the Heron Lake community will benefit from the incredible natural setting  the access around the lake and other amenities will be completely unlike the public lakes to the north and west.  Standing on the site and envisioning the trail locations, golf cart lane on roadway, parkspaces, and sidewalks truly shows how different the lake lifestyle will feel here.  The public lakeband in general does not have those pedestrian connections and other amenities.

Springs CR427 entry being constructed

The Springs lots should be available for transfer by mid December, with a full roll out of Phase 1 lots occurring in late spring 2018.  There are 20 lakefront and 13 nonlakefront lots in Springs Section 1.  Look for updates soon as asphalt and curb are being placed and don’t forget to schedule your tour!  Seeing the site throughout the winter months can be quite breathtaking and serene.

Springs Section 1 roadway construction

Aerial & Marketing Sheet Comparison

As construction continues on The Springs Section 1 we receive many questions concerning what everyone is seeing from CR427 as they pass by.  The short answer is you aren’t seeing very much!  From the south end of the lake while on the road, you are only seeing about half of the lake for a second or two heading north.  If you look at the image below, you can see a side by side comparison of our marketing sheet and recent aerial photo.  This image collage shows similar vantage points for reality to the left and our marketing sheet to the right.

Springs construction and marketing sheet comparison

At the middle bottom of the image is small marketing sheet with photo location and orientation for reference (in yellow).  Note the sanitary sewer construction (and large equipment) being performed and the halfway mark on the lake.  This aerial photo still doesn’t contain all of The Spring Section 1, but gives a good example of the size of the overall site.  It is quite a challenge to represent over a mile of water with a picture!

The Springs will be completed soon and we are in the final steps of completion on the Graber Commons, our first phase of commercial sites.  The Heron Lake site will be supplied by City of Auburn Water and Sewer.  Keep an eye out for increased activity along CR427 as we place the waterline, storm water pipes, and new entry shortly!

Springs Sanitary Sewer Construction & Phases question

The site continues to change day by day, seeing the planning come into view is quite exciting!  The Heron Lake community will have city water and sewer, and the sanitary sewer just started construction.  If you drive north on CR427 you have probably already noticed all of the activity!  This particular section of sanitary sewer will also provide the connection for future sections to the north.  Those next phases will start this upcoming spring with lots available by early summer 2018.  Don’t miss out on your tour and access to our pre-sales discounts, reserve your lot soon!

Springs sanitary sewer construction

Common questions:  Lately we have been receiving a lot of questions concerning the sections and anticipated roll out times.  In short, the overall development (roadway, utilities, marinas, & amenities) will be constructed on a three year timeline, with the phases broken into three annual goals.  This accounts for roughly a third of our lots being available each year starting 2017 until 2019.  The pre-sales discounts are offered for future sections and are your way of reserving a lot and price point.  Join our mailing list to see current phasing exhibits!

Springs Sanitary Construction

Springs available this fall – Commons nears completion

The south end of the lake continues to take shape!  While these surface improvements are eye catching, is also good to remember all of the effort expended already in the lakeshore restoration and site reclamation (almost two miles!).  Our community planning focus is the lake and seeing all of the construction efforts shape the future lots and roadway is quite exciting!

Springs roadway under construction

The Commons site is almost completed.  Those commercial lots will be available for transfer within the next month or so.  You will notice in the picture below that the residential lake lots are starting to appear.  The majority of work so far has been on non-lakefront lots and with the roadway being placed things are really starting to take shape!  Schedule your tour today to see for yourself!

Springs overall site work

Springs roadway and Commons waterline construction

Roadway construction

Springs Phase 1 fully underway!

The first phase of the Springs is now changing day by day. The roadway and other elements are being constructed and seeing the site transform is something to behold! Can you spot the three earthmovers in the picture to the right? The closest and farthest away (far left) are almost a half a mile apart! You really have to visit the site to truly experience the beauty and scale, schedule your tour today!

Waterline construction

Connecting the Commons

The entire Heron Lake project will enjoy City of Auburn Water and Sewer. The Commons are our first area to be connected to water, the Springs will follow shortly. Notice the exceptionally large water pipe lying on the ground, this is to accommodate both Heron and future expansion on the south side of Auburn. Keep an eye out for our sanitary pipe laying, starting next week!

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Sales office move almost complete!

Sales update

New Sales Office Location

Our new sales office was delivered over the past couple of weeks. We have been moving everything over and hope to be up and running soon. The classic car parades have made the setup very enjoyable. Just look for the new signs to point the way!

Phase update

Utility Construction Underway

The water and sanitary lines are being constructed. You can view the progress in our commercial outlots, the Commons from CR11A and CR427. As the Springs section begins, you will need to view from CR427 near Cedar Creek.

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