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Andrea Zehr

Realtor  | Associate Broker, Mike Thomas Associates


Andrea Zehr Introduction Born and raised in northern Allen County, I lived through many life experiences here, shaping who I am today. I’ve traveled  the world, meeting some of the most interesting people and have seen some  of the most amazing places. I came to  realize how incredible NE Indiana truly  is. I believe that we never stop completely growing. Just as Fort Wayne, Auburn, and its surrounding areas are ever-changing and adaptation is always at its doorstep, we have the ability to choose how and where we want to live and grow in this wonderful place.

Our environment around us is one of the most influential aspects of our everyday lives. Heron Lake is truly a treasure with the best of both worlds. I am so excited to be a part of the development of this beautiful place & an integral part of so many lives that will call this one-of-a-kind community home.

In the past 5 years, I have helped over 170 families sell & buy homes, as well as, worked within multiple new developments, growing these communities from the ground up. I have had the opportunity to work with many of NE Indiana’s finest builders. We are so blessed to have this caliber of quality and talent. It starts with a vision of how & where you dream of living this next season of your life & then, step by step we make it come to life.

I am the professional guide, resource, support & much more. I love what I do every day & that is the key to my success and #1 Focus: achieving your goals. For many of you, Heron Lake is it!

Jay Price

Realtor  | Associate Broker, Mike Thomas Associates


Living in NE Indiana my whole life, I’ve been raised hearing about people going “up to the lake” on the weekends, for an extended stay during the summer, or to retire to a great view year-round. It was always a sign of summer finally being here when you could make the first trip “up” & get the boats in the water. When I heard about Heron Lake, I admit, I was skeptical. Would it be big enough? Would it be designed/planned well enough to be a serious alternative to the lakes I have grown up enjoying? I am a REALTOR and it’s my job to buy and sell real estate, but I am a firm believer in matching people with the property or home that best suits them. Getting my clients to buy quickly so I can get paid ASAP is far less important than earning their lifelong loyalty(and referrals as well)! Even though I can sell any property that my sellers need sold, some properties are certainly easier and more enjoyable to sell than others!

That being said, I’m very excited to be on this project and am convinced myself the Heron Lake community will be the envy of many area lakes upon completion. What I love most about my job, is that I get to help my clients through the extremely stressful processes of buying, building, and/or moving and instead make them much less stressful, more smooth and maybe even fun!! I look forward to meeting and helping the people that will make up this great community!